Premiere 2018-2019

Sakari Männistö is the sole performer, and main character in this piece. The performance explores the idea of Hypnosis.

Hypnosis hasn’t been scientifically proven, it is not a certified fact, yet it occupies a place in the world we live in. So what is hypnosis? According to wikipedia, hypnosis is an interaction between people where hypnotised subjects are said to show an increased response to suggestions. Hypnos could also mean a sleep or dream state, perhaps time could be seen as a form of hypnosis? The scope of the subject matter leads to a stream of un-answered questions..

Working group:
Design and performance: Sakari Männistö
Outside eye and artistic consultation: Pending
Lights design: Eero Auvinen
Choreography: Emma Lister
Marketing: Pending
Graphic design: Photography by ASH 
Sound design: Tuomas Norvio
Performers in videos: Emma Lister & Sakari Männistö
Production: Agit-Cirk
Supporters and partners: La Tohu, Jacksons Lane, Cirko Helsinki, Makeshift company