Agit-Cirk also creates and carries out a wide range of multidisciplinary art projects.

The active projects are: Periphery – project 2009-, The Silence – festival 2010-, and the Circus-dances. 

One project is also organizing shows for schools on regular basis.

Silence Festival

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The Silence Festival for performing arts is happening in Kittilä, in the beautiful and exotic Villa Magia.Festival brings together northern artists from different artforms,to discuss and to get together in a peaceful and inspiring surrounding.Silence gives the impression of peace and quiet. On the other hand the word festival evokes the idea of a herd of jubilant people. The tension between the two words makes the Silence Festival.Festival brings together northern artists from different artforms, to discuss and to get together in a peaceful and inspiring surrounding. There will be possibilities for various experiments between artists during the festival.

More information from Silence festival website:

Periphery -project 2009-

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“Periphery” is a two-part multidisciplinary art project that takes place in the North, and the East Finland areas.Year 2013 the project was also taken into the suburbs of the capital of Finland, Helsinki. 

The idea of the project is to take multidisciplinary circus and poetry shows to places where they are never been seen. Usually we perform in really small villages, in their pubs, libraries, schools, rest homes, rehab centers, and out to the sides of cities. Project has been supported by: Finnish cultural fund and the Arts promotion center of Finland.

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Since 2010 Agit-Cirk has organized vivid events that combine Finnish dance music and circus!