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Plastic, metal, wood and man. Buildings go up and fall to dust and everything is in constant flux. This multidisciplinary contemporary circus piece dives into the eternal life of matter. This new production from the world’s northernmost contemporary circus group is inspired by folklore and mythology.

Saivo is the land of the dead in which residents live out their happy mirror-image afterlives.

Working group and performers:
Circus: Sakari Männistö
Text & music: Juha Rautio
Dance & choreography: Marjo Selin
Lighting & visual design: Riikka Vuorenmaa
Media design: Aku Meriläinen
Sound design: Meri Kytö
Artistic consultation: Marjo Kuusela, Samuli Männistö
Music: Olli & Lauri Ainala
Production: Agit-Cirk
Co-production: Cirko, Joensuu City Theatre, Kiasma -theatre
Supporters: Kone foundation