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Agit-Cirk, an association for circus arts and music, was founded in 2005 by circus artists Sakari Männistö and Marjo Ylikorva, and a musician Samuli Jokinen. Agit-Cirk operates all over Finland and its members are located in Rovaniemi, Helsinki and Joensuu.

The members of Agit-Cirk work in circus arts, music and poetry. Their mission is to create and produce unique and modern high-level multidisciplinary circus arts performances. In addition to upcoming performances, Agit-Cirk tours with their earlier productions, too.

One of our goals is to introduce circus arts to new audiences by taking performances to places and events where circus arts have not been seen before.

The association has taken its performances not only in different parts of Finland and Europe but also to USA, England, New Zealand and Russia.


Jenni Lehtinen
Joonas Martikainen
Juha Rautio
Marjo Ylikorva
Miika Nuutinen
Sakari Männistö
Sampo Kurppa
Sasu Peistola